Philip Mansour

Mr. Mansour the company’s former Chief Executive Officer and current member of the Board of Directors, has been leading the efforts to establish the Company, its Board of Directors, hire and contract with all appropriate FDA consulting firms, as well as establish and negotiate all relationships with the scientific and academic community.

Mr. Mansour has been actively involved with disruptive technologies as an inventor, manager, executive and coach for more than 3 decades. During that period, he has driven innovation and inspired collaboration among facilities in seven states and four continents. He is a master of operations, organizational change management, and integrations. Having been involved in more than a two dozen mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations, Mr. Mansour has experienced and overseen all sides of the M&A process first-hand. His executive positions include CEO, CTO, President, Senior VP of Research and Development, Executive VP of Corporate Development, and VP of Strategic Initiatives. Through his consulting organization, PMC Solutions, since 2008, he has facilitated organizations, entrepreneurs, and disruptive technologies and business models in the sectors of, Bio-Technology, Consumer Electronics, Computer Science, Energy, Health Sciences, Hospitality, and Publishing. Mr. Mansour is currently CEO and Director of MTIX International, Inc. (OTC: AVLP) and Chairman of MTIX, Ltd.

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