William B. Horne

Chairman of Alzamend, Chief Executive Officer of Ault Global Holdings, 25+ years Financial Industry experience, prior “Big 4” auditor and healthcare executive SHARE PROFILE

About William B. Horne

William B. Horne has served as a director of our company since June 2016. Mr. Horne served as the Chief Financial Officer from June 2016 through December 2018. Mr. Horne has been a member of the board of directors of Ault Global since October 2016. In January 2018, Mr. Horne was appointed as Ault Global’s Chief Financial Officer until August 2020, when he resigned as its Chief Financial Officer and was appointed as its President. On January 12, 2021, Mr. Horne resigned as Ault Global’s President and became its Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Horne is a director and Chief Financial Officer of Avalanche. Mr. Horne previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer in various companies in the healthcare and high-tech field, including OptimisCorp, from January 2008 to May 2013, a privately held, diversified healthcare technology company. Mr. Horne served as the Chief Financial Officer of Patient Safety Technologies, Inc., a medical device company, from June 2005 to October 2008, and as the interim Chief Executive Officer from January 2007 to April 2008. In his dual role at Patient Safety Technologies, Mr. Horne was directly responsible for structuring the divestiture of non-core assets, capital financings and debt restructuring. Mr. Horne has also held supervisory positions at Price Waterhouse, LLP. Mr. Horne holds a B.A. degree in accounting from Seattle University. We believe that Mr. Horne’s extensive financial and accounting experience in diversified industries and with companies involving complex transactions gives him the qualifications and skills to serve as one of our directors. Upon the effectiveness of this offering, Mr. Horne will become our Chairman of the Board.